Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guest Author: Peter G. Pollak

Parents everywhere know the feeling of anxiety when they send their offspring off to college. Is she or he ready to handle a competitive, challenging environment, and what if your child falls under the sway of some charismatic individual or group?

In House Divided, my fifth novel, the parents of Courtney Robbins become concerned when their daughter reports that she’s joined the NYU chapter of Students for Palestinian Justice, a radical group with suspected terrorist connections. What makes her decision even more troubling for the father, a retired CIA agent, is the President of the United States has asked him to head a counter-terrorism task force after a college student bombed the Washington, D.C. headquarters of a prominent Jewish organization, killing herself and five others.

Can a sixty-plus year old wheelchair-bound father prevent his daughter from becoming the next victim of the terrorists’ game plan?

Here’s what some people have said about House Divided:

Adele Brinkley, owner of With Pen in Hand editorial services, wrote: “I must say that you tell one terrific story. Your use of dialogue to tell the majority of the story still amazes me. You also did a great job with characterization, plot, the outcome, and the wrap up. I am truly impressed.” 
Author Nathan Van Coops: “Peter G. Pollak gives us a thriller that hits close to home in House Divided. Writing from an obvious depth of knowledge of the political forces involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict, he presents us with a plausible and terrifying glimpse of what could happen when the fallout of Middle East tension lands on American shores.” 

House Divided, a 90,000-word thriller, was released February 2, 2015, under my own label, Expendable Man Publishing. It is available both in paperback and digital format from Amazon

About the book:

Leonard and Alison Robbins disagree about how big a mistake their college student daughter is making by joining the radical Students for Palestinian Justice (SPJ). 

Alison believes Courtney needs to be allowed to make her own decisions, but retired CIA agent Leonard, who heads up a counterterrorism task force, fears she’s in over her head. Neither, however, foresees the real danger their daughter faces. 

Anti-Israeli terrorists are recruiting SPJ members to bomb Jewish organizations and they have their sights on Courtney. 

If Courtney doesn’t see the truth in time, it will be up to her parents to stop the terrorists before their daughter becomes their latest victim.


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