Thursday, November 12, 2015

Follow Friday Question of the Week: What are the funniest books you've ever read?


Question of the Week: 

 What are the funniest books you've ever read? - Suggested by

Alison Can Read 

Vampire Academy (I love Rose's and Christian's witty dialogue) and Georgina Kincaid series both by Richelle Mead (love the heaven and hell gang). 

Also considering the first 5 books of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Anita used to be sooo funny. Jean-Claud's and Richard's moments were so hilarious that made me buy the succeeding books. Though after a while I stopped reading since the author decided to make Anita a vampire / werewolf whore.

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Unknown said...

I picked Vampire Academy too. I loved Rose! I haven't read the other series you mention though but I probably should if it's as funny as VA.

Joana @ The Boundless Booklist

Unknown said...

New GFC follower btw :)

KatCho said...

Okay, it's official I have to read Vampire Academy. I didn't know it was so funny, but since people are picking it for this meme I trust you all.

New GFC Follower

Kat @ Readiculous Blog

Annette Mills said...

I've only read the first two Vampire Academy books. I guess it didn't think about the humor in those! Thanks for stopping by.

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