Friday, August 26, 2016

Free Kindle Download: Devils Among Us by Chastity Harris

Devils Among Us
by Chastity Harris

About the book:

Sharp-tongued Richmond City Police Detective Devin Dushane is on a never ending quest for redemption from the tragic nightmares of her youth. Pushing away her loved ones and pushing the boundaries of her job finds her temporarily suspended after a risky sting operation goes very wrong. With time on her hands, Devin travels to the small Virginia town where her alcoholic father grew up. And where the unsolved murder of his sister thirty-five years earlier, set into motion the unraveling of Devin’s family before she was even born. If Devin can ever hope to heal her broken family and her broken soul she must uncover the secrets locked away in this sleepy community, and find the devil that has risen among them.

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