Friday, November 4, 2016

Kindle on Discount ($0.99): The Duke's Ever Burning Passion by Charlotte Stone

The Duke's Ever Burning Passion
by Charlotte Stone

Are second chances truly possible?
The Duke of Sermont, Shep, has spent every summer since childhood at Pritchford Place... with his best friend's sister. Lady Julia Frederickson.
As they grew, their relationship grew into something else...
Writing letters back and forth to one another and making plans has been a part of them...
That is ... until Shep did something that broke her heart - he married someone else.
Since then...
She has spent her life wearing a mask.
She vows to never let anyone know how much Shep meant to her.
When Shep is widowed and comes to stay at Pritchford Place, just like old times, they antagonize one another as usual.
Is it because they hate one another? Or... because they cannot stay away from one another?
Who cares if he thinks she is the Ice Queen- cold, cruel and unfeeling?
Julia knows who she is really is, even if Shep continually misunderstands her.

"A man who loves me? A man whom I love? A family? It is all I have ever really wanted," she said.
"I never knew that about you," he whispered as he turned to look out the window.
"I am beginning to think you did not know me at all."

But is it too late for Shep to realize he made a terrible mistake all those years ago?
Can Julia forgive Shep for breaking her heart?
What about another suitor who will get in his way?

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