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Guest Author: Christopher Rudy

Chris Rudy
True story of sexual deviant illuminates dangers women face, impact it inflicts on community 

Chris Rudy and George W. Davis offer suggestions on how to deal with sexual predators in “The Last Victim”

CANTON, Ohio – Authors Chris Rudy and George W. Davis tell the story of a man they believe is one of, if not the most dangerous criminal in Northeast Ohio history in “The Last Victim” (ISBN 1468017608). Rudy and Davis stress that the crime of rape is very important because of the effect it leaves on victims.

The authors tell the story of William Edward Griffith Jr. whose criminal acts of voyeurism and rape spanned three decades and six states. He attacked women in different states, and essentially reached the pinnacle as a serial rapist, before coming across Melissa Brown, who became his last victim.

Rudy was inspired by Melissa when he attended the victim impact portion of the parole procedure in Ohio. He describes Melissa’s testimony as moving especially when she referred to herself as the last victim, the one whose case put him in prison. The heartbreaking testimony inspired Rudy to speak out against sexual criminals and the torment they leave on their victims for a lifetime. 

Rudy and Davis’ book takes readers on a journey through the investigation that would eventually lead to the imprisonment of Griffith. Rudy sums up the damage caused by sexual predators.

“We hope the reader will be inspired by this horrific tale, to write their area legislators. Sexual predators are the most dangerous people in society and need to be locked up, not free to feed on the defenseless in society,” Rudy says.  “States across the nation are not putting the Adam Walsh Act to full use”

“The Last Victim” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Authors:
Chris Rudy has been a law enforcement officer and detective for more than 30 years. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Rudy has degrees in organizational management and criminal justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.   

George W. Davis is an award-winning journalist, who retired after 42 years full-time in the newspaper industry, but he continues to report police and governmental news as a free-lance writer. He became the city of Canton’s first and only Public Information Officer. 

Chris Rudy 
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