Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guest Author: Frank G. Poe, Jr.

Inspiration Hurts

Many of the readers enjoying or cringing from my stories in Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales will soon be asking the same question about the newly released Star Child and 13 More Twisted Tales.

“Where do you get the ideas for your stories?”

Some think dreams, nightmares or my own personal twisted fantasies. I’ll admit my stories are twisted thus the title tag “Twisted Tales.” The truth is far less sinister than I harboring secret explicit sexual desires. In some cases, I simply watch the news for creativeness. The darkness in my tales often comes from actual news clips, not my soul. Other ideas come from personal observations about the everyday people throughout my life. A bit of advice to you all, you should never tell a writer anything personal you don’t want crafted into a story. If the morsel is the least bit colorful or interesting it will end up being used as a tasty image by said writer.

In other words, all writers are thieves. We steal ideas from all around us. If my tales are too explicit then it is because the world has become excessively extroverted. Sorry, three donated copies of my first book were returned by a charity because my stories were too explicit for their adult lending library, yet more writing motivation.

In fact, real personal inspiration hurts. For some writers using their own intimate experiences of love, loss, struggle, addiction and injury remain painful muses. In my case I’ve decided to share one of my excruciating inspirations for my story The Lovely Stones.

The following is a kidney stone I passed. It isn’t photo shopped. The stone is shown next to the dime for size scale. To date, I’ve been inspired by eighteen such stones and this one wasn’t even the biggest. Now, if William Shatner would explain how he managed to auction his kidney stone off for enough money to build a house for Habitat for Humanity, I could start building a small city.


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