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Book Review: Pilgrimage of Love by Anaiya Aon Prakasha

Pilgrimage of Love

Author: Anaiya Aon Prakasha
Paperback: 502 pages
Publisher: (August 4, 2011)
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Note: I received this book free from the author PR company, Mindbuck Media. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.


★ ★ 

My thoughts:

Pilgrimage of Love tells the story of Scarlett O'Shea, that at the age of 38, she is still searching for her true "Beloved". I liked the idea of "soul mates" or meeting "the one". However, I don't agree with some of the life lessons presented in this book and also some ideas on how to meet your "beloved" - like literally searching for "that one". I don't know, looking back at my past, maybe I was afraid to search for "him" because I simply don't want to be disappointed if things don't turn out right.   

It was an interesting book to read, I actually enjoyed reading the first 200+ pages of the book but after that, I was already skimming because the story has long narrative paragraphs with very little dialogue.  It makes the story hard to read and follow. Overall, I think this would be best enjoyed by those who are still "searching", a good book I can recommend to readers who are into reading reflections on love and life. 

About the book:

A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak
and finding “The One”
by Anaiya Sophia

Does “The One” truly exist?

This is the question that Scarlett O’Shea attempts to answer in this passionate, inspiring, and life-changing story of finding her Beloved. As she travels around the world calling in “The One”, an orchestra of events is set in motion that brings about their destined meeting. Along the way, she discovers that her Beloved (who is an well-known International “spiritual” teacher) is far more demanding than her international celebrity yoga lifestyle could have ever imagined. With flames licking at her heels, he invites Scarlett to leave her old life behind so she can fulfill her desire to know what happens when you say“Yes!”tolove,no matter what the cost!

Ride the twists and turns of this rollercoaster in this hilarious, irresistibly romantic, and soulful journey. Pilgrimage of Love is a tale that will have you believing in love all over again.
Anaiya Sophia’s quest to truly know love started when she was twelve years old after she “met” her Guardian Angel on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. This destined meeting set her on a journey of love that included fifteen years of teaching Kundalini Yoga and writing books such as Open Your Heart with Kundalini Yoga and Womb Wisdom – Awakening the creative and forgotten powers of the feminine. Pilgrimage of Love is based on her own adventure into the spirit of love. Anaiya has been featured in magazine and newspapers such as Kindred Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, The Telegraph and The Guardian, as well as in numerous TV and radio shows. Her passion lies in re-awakening the power of love within others and working with the spirit of sexuality to heal, make whole, and rebirth women and men worldwide. She spends her love-filled life in London, England.

About the author:

“If you chose to be with me, you must risk finding yourself”….

Anaiya is the author of Pilgrimage to Love:  A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and Meeting The One and the creator of Sacred Reunion, Pathway of the Beloved, Awakening Soulful Sexuality, three 40-Day transformative processes based on her own experiences of stepping ever closer to the Beloved, retrieving Lost Will and healing sexuality. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, public speaker and the co-author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine and Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga.
This website and all the work here is dedicated to the longing you feel within you to love without measure, and to experience that Divine yearning with your partner(s).  To take this Sacred Mystery and to embody its rapture with your everyday lives.  My desire is to experience and to know what Rumi and Shams lived, and to then share and support you all to do the same. I know that this Love is not the privilege of the Saints, Sufi’s and Mystical Beloveds bound by text and legend.  This Love is waiting for us all to say “Yes”  and to mean it with our every breath as we lay down our lives at its feet…


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