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Book Review: Darker Side Endings by Kelvin Kettle

Darker Side Endings 

Author: Kelvin Kettle
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Publisher: Kelvin Kettle; First editon edition (July 9, 2013)
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Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the author, Kelvin Kettle. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★

My thoughts:

The book is a compilation of eight short stories. Loved them especially SPIKES and DATE MISTAKE. It would be better if the author turn those two into full length novel. Husband read' them and thought all had weird/dark endings and then I reminded him of the title and then he was like 'OH!'. LOL. 

If you are into short stories with dark-ish endings... pick up this book! 

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About the book:

DON'T BE AFRAID. YOUR JOURNEY TO THE DARK SIDE AWAITS (Warning: Adult content. Not intended for young readers)...8 short horror/suspense stories, each with a dark theme. Readers who take themselves on this terrifying journey will be hooked from the first story to the very last.

The stories:  SPIKES--Inspector John Quint is assigned to a brutal murder case in Boston, Massachusetts. The suspect is a beautiful dangerous woman who dresses in black leather. Will Quint be able to capture her before she strikes again?./ SHANGLIN FOREST--A forest ruled by grizzlies, where Shanglin is King. Where many years ago, blood was shed. And where four crazy hunters will soon shed blood in the forest once again./ THE BLACK EGG--Where did it come from? Is it from another world? When the black egg hatches, terror is unleashed./DATE MISTAKE--When Jake goes out on a blind date with his friends sister, it turns out to be the deadliest mistake of his life./ AMANDA IN RED--She is only visible to Robert. Every time he sees her, she gives him a frightening warning. Who is she? And why is she wearing a blood stained white dress?/ THE STUDENT--Carl Stone was accused of murder in the past, and now he is going to be taught a deadly lesson./PRETTY LADY--James must answer the invitation from the pretty lady in white, or lose her forever./ THE DEVILS ALTAR--Five friends who love to party. Five friends who think that the devils altar will be the ultimate partying destination. Five friends who are in for a terrifying night from hell.

About the author:

Hello! I live in Mapleville, Rhode Island with my wife and cat. Mapleville is a quiet little town.

I have been writing short stories for many years and I love to entertain my readers. I always try to think of stories to write that will capture the interest of my readers right away and not want to put it down.

I tend to have a dark side when it comes to story telling. It is just as much fun for me to write a story as it is for my readers to read it. I never know what dark and twisted turns I am going to take.

If you like a variety, then I think you will enjoy my collection. Won't you join me?


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