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Guest Author: Greg Thompson

My Inspiration for writing Dreams of Marrakesh

This romantic suspense novel is a rare thing – a story of lesbian love penned by a man, inspired by the work of Gustave Flaubert - widely considered to be one of the greatest novelists in Western literature - who wrote about love from the female perspective. My debut novel will never bear comparison with Flaubert’s work but I do hope that you will be tempted to know more.  I was also influenced in my thinking by Zoe Heller’s 2006  novel and film ‘Notes on a Scandal’,  in which Dame Judi Dench played the role  of a predatory female with Cate Blanchett as her unsuspecting victim.

After a hesitant start in 2013 I set about writing  properly in 2013, whilst recovering from a serious illness. I was undeterred by the slightly bemused smiles of my male friends and family and enjoyed the full support of my wife Wendy who painted the water colours on the front and back covers. To me it seemed entirely fitting to write about women. Their presence in my life has provided me with fifty years  of  enjoyable contemplation and an ongoing  search for understanding,  As the years have passed my admiration for the female sex has grown. This novel is almost a work of homage to women. Writing about a lesbian relationship provided even greater appeal and additional challenges. 

I appreciate that the subject of sado-masochism is not to everyone’s taste but I have tried to present this most frequently sensationalised subject in a way which is grounded in the reality of the lives  of working women, albeit from very different  backgrounds.

This is not an erotic novel  but as I wrote I did wonder if the story, written by a man,  might be judged in some way, to be exploitative of the female sex,  Although the work is understated the slight feeling of guilt remained with me and I looked for a way to assuage  my feelings.  It was at this point that I identified the lead character’s concern for the ongoing and widespread exploitation and abuse of women across the world  - regardless of prevailing  wealth or poverty – a problem which man fails to address in an effective way ,  Given the nature of  sexual orientation perhaps I am naive  to think that the problem will ever be addressed. However,  it  remains my hope that readers might be inspired by the idea of  Women with Butterfly Wings and will act in a concerted way to  improve the lot of those millions of  less fortunate women.

Dreams of Marrakesh

Author: Greg Thompson
Paperback: 434 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (14th February 2014)
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Kindle Edition
File Size: 1013 KB
Print Length: 434 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
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About the book:

Vicky is young and lonely and longs for the love of another woman – but she lacks the self-confidence to go out and find it – perhaps because she is so ashamed of her inner most desire to be humiliated and experience pain.

She succumbs to the charms of wealthy Suzanne who has no qualms about grooming the younger woman for her own sadistic pleasure. It comes as a surprise to Suzanne when she finds she is falling in love with Vicky.

Their ‘honeymoon’ in the delightful summer warmth of a forest hideaway in central France is idyllic, but it cannot last. A betrayal of trust causes the story to move inexorably towards a dramatic climax with Vicky’s life being put at risk.

This is not an erotic novel and the more explicit scenes are handled factually without hint of salacious dramatisation. It is the story of two intelligent women, both vulnerable, who succumb to their irrational desires to abuse and be abused – and both have to pay the price in different ways.

The story winds between scenic backdrops in the British Isles, New York, Paris and the Sologne Forest. Vicky visits Marrakesh in her dreams. 


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