Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guest Author: Lee Adams

Unlikely Family

Throughout my life, I bet I have started writing fifty novels dating back to my first attempt at age thirteen.  I always wanted to write, but could never bust through writers block. Those walls are thick, and at times, made of brick and mortar. Then I experienced a life changing event in 2007 when a relative went into kidney failure and I was a donor match. I desperately tried to find a book that would outline, from beginning to end, what a living organ donor faced. I couldn’t find one. So with the encouragement of people around me, I wrote the experience of my living organ donation, Donor Girl. And with that book, I proved I actually could write a book!  

From there, I wrote a novel, Strawberry Wine, and then wrote another Unlikely Family. The first question people ask is “how is it selling?” For the most part, I’m self-published so you won’t find my books in bookstores and most if not all of the advertising is done on my own, in my limited spare time. So sales are not my main concern. Writing is a hobby which I love. Seeing my words become books is gratifying. If they sell, I’m thrilled. If they don’t, it doesn’t lessen my passion for the art.

The idea for Unlikely Family came to me while reading a series of young adult novels. When my nephew was twelve, he wanted me to read everything he was reading.  That ranged from the Percy Jackson series, to the James Patterson Angel series, to the Hunger Games. I threw in Twilight on my own.  I kept thinking about all these teenagers who were without much parental guidance, if any, and were doing amazing things to make it on their own.  However, they were all supernatural or futuristic teens.  This led me to thinking about all the everyday teens who are out in the world on their own, due to no fault of their own. Real life teens can be amazingly resilient! Every day they overcome odds and succeed in spite of their situations. Time and time again, it’s been proven that children desire discipline, education and love. 

In Unlikely Family, four teenagers find themselves on the streets, homeless, without parents. One by one they find each other and with the help of two adults, they band together, pool their resources, and succeed.  I fell in love with these teens, and I watched as they grew into amazing adults. I watched them get hurt, pick themselves up, and try again. I saw them fall in love, graduate high school, college, and start careers. And I watched them teach others how to love. 

Unlikely Family

Author: Lee Adams  
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Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 349 pages 
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About the book

When Joshua Anthony finds himself homeless at fourteen, he is determined to survive on his own. With the help of motel owner Curt, Josh is doing just that when he encounters three other homeless teens; Charles, Elise and Leah. They decide to band together, pool their resources, and form their very own unlikely family. Along the way, they encounter Liz, a 27 year old woman who is down on her luck and needs a break. Will these teens be just what she needs to get her life back on track? 

This is the story of four resilient teenagers, determined to thrive in spite of their circumstances. They encounter many hardships on their road to adulthood, but also learn to love, hope, and find success. 

Join this unlikely family on their journey of discovery. Laugh with them, cry with them, fall in love with them as they do with each other.


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