Friday, July 3, 2015

Hi I'm Jenai and I've got CANCER!!

Sooo just an update with my health issues (blogger on sick leave), after my tonsillectomy done last May 30th, I was diagnosed having Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) or cancer of the lymph nodes. 

NHL was not really sinking in until I told family and friends about it. This started late last year, I thought I'd eaten a lot of sweets and my sore throat wouldn't go away. I knew by November there must be something really wrong with me because my meds couldn't make me better. Well, I'd get better for two to three weeks then sore throat would go back and this became a monthly episode until in January, my right tonsil had swollen and a very small lump in my neck appeared.

I went to different doctors, a number of ENTs and pulmonologists, private and public hospitals. Doctors from best hospitals advised me to either have my right tonsil removed or I could wait until it gets bigger. Oh, sore throat stopped around February and I was well for months. 

My brother who had his tonsillectomy done in the city told me to talk to his doctor in the province because his operation went that bad, that he had to go in for another surgery days after his first. I put it off, as I was okay. Early April, went to this doctor, who by the way had his education in Europe but chose to practice in a provincial hospital where his family resides. Right after I showed him my right swollen tonsil, he immediately advised to have it removed because it looks like cancer! The only doctor who knew the signs! 

So after that I immediately went back to the city and had set up an appointment to a new ENT doctor, told him outright I want to have my TONSILS removed ASAP! I remember him asking me why I don't just go back to those doctors I had been seeing before so they can check on my history. Would I ever consider going back to those who never told me I could have cancer??? NEVER! If I had known, I could have scheduled the operation months sooner! Luckily, this new ENT doctor was soooo good and sooo nice to me. He made sure I was well taken care of. When I found out the results of the biopsy, I was with my husband. Oh it was like I was dreaming, like I was watching a movie. I remember crying while talking to him and he was like 'oh dear, at least it's curable, the treatment is very responsive for this type of cancer'. Oh goody that's really good to hear!

I've had my first dose of chemo on June 27th and next will be July 18th. My hair has yet to come off. I'm terrified what it would do to my kids (9 and 6 yo). I told them about my illness and mommy won't be a normal mom for a while. It hurts to tell them the truth *sad face*.

Annnd back to blogging matters, due to that devastating news, I will be on extended sick leave. . .  I can still read and that's what keeping me busy right now but I'm not sure about posting reviews on time and stuff like before. So soorry authors and publishers ;( I'll update you guys when I can! 

God bless you!

I am still a bit disoriented from the chemo drugs, sorry if I missed out something important to tell about NHL... I'll write again when I'm better!


Ranu said...

I'm so sorry, Jenai. I know it's probably silly to say this, but I wish you all of good luck and hope you feel better!

Anma Natsu said...

*hugs* It's probably the last word any of us want to hear from a doctors mouth, cancer that is, but it's good you found doctors who finally listened and got you going on the right treatment.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jenai said...

Thank you Ranu. . . I appreciate your effort to wish me well. . . God bless you!

Aizel Camille Macaldo said...

Don't worry about us here in the blogging world. I hope you'll get better very soon. Pagaling ka. God bless you!

Jenai said...

Anma! I am now reading your book and it made me cry, lots. . . You know why! I will email you when im done. . .

Thank you for leaving me a note. God bless you!

Jenai said...

Thank you Aizel. . . Any comment means so much to me right now! God bless you!

Jenai said...
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Claire Stevens said...

Hey Jenai, I'm so sorry to hear that! All the best for a very speedy recovery :)

Claire @ Book Blog Bird

Claire Stevens said...

Hey Jenai, I'm so sorry to hear that! All the best for a very speedy recovery :)

Claire @ Book Blog Bird

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