Sunday, February 14, 2016

Free Kindle Download: The Highland Heart by Bobbie Pell

The Highland Heart 
(The Songweavers' Chronicles Book 1) 
by Bobbie Pell

About the book:

Follow the heroic journey Scottish highlander Hannah McFey as she discovers the mysteries of family, true love, and her own heart in The Songweavers’ Chronicles.

When a woman plans her life, she never includes tragedy.

Hannah McFey thought she knew what she wanted - to marry her heart’s delight, Lukas MacLaren, and to work as a professional weaver like her mother in the 16th-century Scottish Highland village of Feshiebridge. Social class differences undergird Hannah’s greatest fears of ever truly being loved. She also discovers close ties with beings of the folkloric Celtic Otherworld. But the initial romantic conflict, once resolved, leads our heroine into deeper discoveries about the nature of a woman’s soul - her drive, her courage, and her ability to love, even herself.

Remember to breathe.

Tragic events send Hannah on a treacherous journey to locate Michael, a mysterious missing harper loved for years by her mother. Michael’s story plumbs the depths of Celtic mysteries while Hannah struggles to survive in the face of great loss and deep uncertainties. The two strands blend into a seamless weaving of healing the wounded heart, reclaiming one’s identity, and learning to love once more.

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