Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Free Kindle Download: A Place To Call Home: Toby's Tale by G. A. Whitmore

A Place To Call Home: Toby's Tale 
(The Rescue Dog Tales Book 1)
by G. A. Whitmore 

About the book:

Every rescue dog deserves 
A Place to Call Home . . . 

Every rescue dog has a tale to tell, a story uniquely their own. A Place to Call Home is Toby’s tale. His story takes you on a journey across the country from California to Connecticut and across the spectrum of life’s emotional and spiritual experience. 

Born on a small farm in northern California, Toby narrowly escapes the death sentence imposed upon him by his breeder. Through a series of events driven by good intentions, he finds himself in a Connecticut suburb where life with his new family soon collapses on him, and his newfound happiness is brutally destroyed. 

On his quest to find a place to call home, Toby encounters and endures the best and worst of humanity as he comes face to face with sorrow and joy, fear and courage, and ultimately, with the power of love.

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