Saturday, July 30, 2016

Follow Friday: My take on DNF books!

Prompt of the week

What is your take on DNF books. Do you review them? Choose not to review them?

Well, you review the books you read, right? Although I did not get to the end of it, I still read the book. Just like any other book, it affected my mood, my thinking, though in a negative way. So for me, A DNF should be reviewed too.

Now - I am on nearly a month-long-hiatus. Read around 15-20 books. Half of these were DNFs. I'm seriously considering of just doing the star rating in Goodreads / Amazon and stating the word DNF. Yikes, don't have time and energy to write everything! 

Update: forgot to add, these ONLY star ratings for DNF books are all mine. Not from a review request. If it's sent to me by an author or publisher, a review will be posted definitely!

How about you? Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! New follower :D

Katiria said...

I really do like reading honest DNF reviews because it helps me too choose too try the book or not. Thank you so much for stopping by my #FFF. Old Follower.

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