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Recommended Read: The Blood She Betrayed by Cheryse Durrant

The Blood She Betrayed
Book 1 in the Heart Hunters series
by Cheryse Durrant

Amazon 5-star Rating - 67%

About the book:

Book 1 in the Heart Hunters series. 

Thrust into the technology-driven Earthlands, Shahkara must find the ancient Elnara death lantern - the only thing that can save her homeworld from the heart-devouring Taloners. 

She enlists the help of geeky billionaire Max McCalden, but soon finds that, as a half-Taloner herself, her blood demands what she knows she can't have - a human heart. 

Shahkara longs for love, but as deadly enemies attack at every turn, will her lust for Max destroy them both? 

Or will she find the strength to free both worlds from a threat more horrific than the demons that share her blood?

Book review originally posted in November 2013 

The Blood She Betrayed is the first book to the Heart Hunters series by a newbie author, Cheryse Durrant. The fact that this author is from Australia makes me want to jump for joy! lol Honestly, ever since I've read Keri Arthur's books (Australian), I've been looking out for other books with Australia as the setting of the story. Or any other countries aside from the US. Setting is very important to me as this is sometimes my deciding factor whether to continue reading or to DNF a book.

Back to the story, The Blood She Betrayed is about Shahkara, a half-Taloner wanting to destroy the heart-devouring Taloners, her kind. Accidentally, when she entered Earth, she met Max McCalden, son of a billionaire and together they set out to find the Elnara death lantern that can kill all Taloner.

I loved the setting and so the plot of the story. Read the story in less than a week considering I was in 'hell' (busiest days of my work life) those times. I find all the characters interesting. As for the romance part, Shahkara and Max had good times together. Though the earlier part of the story I was annoyed with Shahkara's constant questions on every thing/gadget she sees. And like Max, I kept on forgetting she's from other world/dimension lol. Love the twists and mystery on Shahkara's past. I highly recommend this book, your money is well-spent on this one.

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