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Blog Tour/Guest Author: Veronica Frances

The Inspiration Behind Tickling Daphne H. 
By Veronica Frances

An inspiration is but a tiny flicker inside, a little tickle, followed by another and then another, and then, a story spills onto the empty page as if it had been there all the time.

For a writer with a tickling fetish, there is lots of smiling and laughing, all day, all night, whenever the imagination decides. I sit down at my computer, a slave to my tickling fantasies, trying to remain focused, composed and in control. 

But tickling is not about being in control. It is about laughing uncontrollably, twitching as wiggling fingers find every sensitive spot on your body. It is about a silent feather causing such a loud response. It is almost ironic if you think about it. A feather moves around in whispers, playfully, tauntingly, and a person laughs and giggles, often loudly, until they are overwhelmed with pleasure and sometimes agony.

It is so arousing, so inspiring, as my fingers type my novel. My imagination comes alive, and I come alive, and then my novel is born.

I get this question all the time. How could I actually write an entire story about tickling and how could it have a plot that could be sustained throughout an entire novel? Well, when the charactersof a novel are passionate about something, especially a fetish as powerful as tickling, the characters feel so deeply and the more deeply they feel, the more the author gets pulled into their world and the more there is to say.

One of the things that made me begin writing Tickling Daphne H. was my disbelief atthe lack of tickling material out there. In movies in particular, there is so little about tickling. Tickling scenes are usually short, and tickling in the media is generallysparse. I felt the world needed a real juicy story that was based primarily on tickling. There are a few other fetishes that make their way into the story as well,but there is tickling throughout, along with lots of romance, sex and some very ticklish disputes between the characters.

I had also wanted to write abouta delightfully unusual group of people, who do not always live by everyday standards and who sometimes behave in ways that some might even find inappropriate. I wanted my characters to beunique, vivid, real, sensual, inwardly tortured and alive.

My other motivation behind writing Tickling Daphne H. was to inspire and encourage people not to be ashamed of their fetishes. Fetishes are a part of life. I think people should stop hiding who they are and just enjoy the things that excite them and make them feel more alive. People are so busy hiding their deepest desires and it is causing so many unhappy and unfulfilling relationships. 

I want people to understand that tickling, like any other fetish has a darker side, but so do people. I wanted to show the struggles that people face in the grip of the very thing that excites them. I wanted to take my characters to the very edge of their desires and make them experience pleasure and sometimes, some of the more difficult and darker sides of life and themselves. 

I also wanted to show how wonderful and exciting tickling can be and how some people need it in their lives to be happy and completely fulfilled. I wanted to make the point, that what one person finds unpleasant, shocking or inappropriate, another person might find pleasurable and exciting.

People ask me how much of my actual life is related to my novel, other than my tickling fetish. Though Tickling Daphne H.is fiction and not really related to my actual life, Daphne’s romantic nature lives inside of me and I admit that I found myself peeking out through her eyes many times as I wrote Tickling Daphne H.Daphne is also slightly Rubenesque and I have struggled with body image issues throughout my life. I could relate to Daphne’s struggles to let go and love her body, allowing herself to be tickled.

My inner ticklish self jumped out at me more times than I can mention, as I wrote my book. That is one of the joys of writing fiction. Finding oneself through the maze of the untamed imagination is delightful, sometimes scary and a definite road to self-discovery.

I have had a tickling fetish for as long as I can remember. Writing has been a wonderful way to channel my fetish and use it to make my readers happy. I hope to continue writing more tickling stories and other erotica as well.

Tickling Daphne H.

Author: Veronica Frances
Paperback: 458 pages
Publisher: Blue Note Publications; First edition (September 20, 2012)
Amazon Link

Kindle Edition
File Size: 634 KB
Print Length: 458 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
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Tickling Daphne H. follows the ticklish journeys of Daphne, Dave, Carol and Harold, exploring how tickling deeply affects the lives of these four people.

The story deals with the many different faces of tickling; the addictive and torturous, the pleasurable and erotic, the humorous and romantic, and tickling used as a form of reprimand.

This is the very unusual love story of Daphne and Dave, two people facing their tickle-demons together. It is primarily the journey of Daphne, a 21-year-old very ticklish woman. Daphne finds herself in a world where every important person in her life has a tickling fetish, including her boyfriend Dave. She finds herself constantly surrounded by feathers and wiggling fingers, unable to escape the taunting sounds of her own laughter. She is also unable to escape her own mixed-up feelings about tickling. 

As Daphne’s relationship with Dave grows, she must learn to face her fears and deeper feelings about tickling for the sake of their relationship and herself.


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