Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guest Author: Gary Goldstein

You Have The "Write Stuff!"

Although I had been writing off and on since college, it wasn't until I published my first book, "Jew in Jail," in 2004 that I really felt like I had accomplished something.

The fact that I penned it while behind bars was increasingly instrumental in helping me regain my self-esteem and self-confidence, which had sunk to an all-time low when I was first arrested back in 1998.

These days, I go around delivering motivational and inspirational speeches on recovery from addiction at drug treatment programs, hospital detoxes, jails, schools, or anywhere people are either still sick and suffering or headed down a destructive path, since helping others also keeps me clean and sober as well.

I have always found writing to be liberating, as it is one profession that is personal, has no set hours, affords one the opportunity to be creative, and garners feedback from potential fans.

In addition, a person does not even have to write for the purpose of making money, as it is a craft that lends itself to expressing one's feelings while using the talents and abilities they were either born with, or acquired through education or life's lessons.

If you have always wanted to write something yourself - a book, poem, song, short story, or even keep a journal or diary - I highly recommend it.

You don't even have to publish it.  It can be tucked away under your mattress and saved for a later day, if, for nothing else, than to chart and measure your progress.

The point is, you have the ability to compose anything your heart and mind desires, and by doing so, just may discover how great you are at it, and then go on to a brilliant and successful career.

I continue to write blog posts, articles, and contribute comments on many internet websites geared to book promotion, as well as recovery from alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

It allows me to stay connected to people and topics I am very interested in, learn more about both industries, and broaden my horizons.

In a nutshell, it permits me to go from a "Jew in Jail,"  to a man who refuses to fail!

But I want all of you to put pen to paper and see what you are passionate about these days.

In this fast-paced world we live in, private time is at a premium, but setting aside a few minutes every night to jot our thoughts down is well worth the effort.
And who knows - you just might have the next great novel or number one song in the country renting space in your brain, clamoring to come out and be seen!

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Gary Goldstein said...

Hello Garry.

Thank you so very much for those inspirational comments.

It means a lot coming from someone of your stature.

I have considered what you mentioned from time to time, and perhaps you are right.

I will reassess after speaking to some people I know in the business.

Once again, thank you so much and keep being the role model you are!


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