Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guest Author: Liesel K. Hill

The Politics of Interchron

Hello Everyone, and thank you much for having me here today! Let me begin by assuring my readers that there are no blatant politics in my story. While I do have strong political views, I’m not someone who likes to be preachy, nor do I appreciate it when other people are (unless they agree with me, and then I can deal with it. :D)

I believe that communicating your views about life and society is much more effective when you can get someone to understand your beliefs—even if they don’t agree—by showing them practical situations in action, so they can really connect with you, and why you believe what you believe.

Enter the novelist. Basically what writers do is help readers connect with other people (characters), stories (plots) and cultures that they themselves don’t live in and will probably never experience. So, a fictional world is a great platform to make points in a way that is non-threatening yet evokes a visceral reaction.

That said, I was still a bit nervous about how my book would be received. While there are no in-your-face bipartisan politics, because the story is about the individual vs. the collective, it is inherently anti-communist. Now, I live in the United States, so for the most part that’s not a problem, but there are those that, while not endorsing communism in general, do lean toward it in their beliefs. I figured I might get a few rants about the nature of the ideas that went into the story.

Happily, I’ve had nothing of the sort. The book has been well-received and I haven’t had a single rant. *wipes invisible sweat from forehead and shakes it off* At least, not yet.

But, in truth, I didn’t write this novel with a political agenda in mind or to make a political statement. Rather, it was about what I see in the world around me that disturbs me. So many people only want to do what is free and easy and fun. So few people today are willing to work hard to provide for themselves and create satisfaction in their lives. I simply took that to an extreme and tried to show what our world might possibly become (with some fun scifi/fantasy elements thrown in, of course) if everyone took that view.

So, whether you like my politics or not, I hope you enjoy the story of Interchron. I hope it inspires you to get out bed in the morning, resolving to work a little harder for the life you want, and not be afraid to stand out in the crowd. After all, what if the choice you had was extreme? The tagline for the novel is Stand out or fade away… Which would you choose, if you absolutely had to, but one meant hard work while the other, idleness?

Here’s to dystopian worlds and the questions they force us to ask about ourselves! Cheers!

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Liesel K. Hill said...

Thanks so much or participating in my tour! The post look fantastic! :D

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