Thursday, April 21, 2016

Free Kindle Download: Collapse by TK Carter

Book One in The Yellow Flag Series
by TK Carter

About the book:

In 2026, the United States government made a last-ditch effort to ensure the American dream. The citizens, however, did not have the same vision.

When forty-year-old Tess, a widowed mother and nursing home administrator, is forced to comply with the REEP Program and receives notice that all government funding for residents has been cut, she is faced with making decisions that stretch her moral standards. Doug, a fuel truck driver, sees first-hand how devastated America is as people become desperate to survive. And when fuel allocation and vouchers become the norm, Doug discovers he is a rolling bull’s-eye. Ten-year-old Brenna is excited to see her father again and has been granted a plane ticket from St. Louis to Richmond, VA. When the plane lands, a raid breaks out in security as bandits try to take the plane, which leaves almost everyone dead…except Brenna.

America lost her focus. We swore it wouldn’t go too far. We didn’t see this coming.

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