Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Free Kindle Download: Life's Song by Jeane Watier

Life's Song 
Book 1 Law of Attraction Trilogy
by Jeane Watier

About the book:

The first in a trilogy of novels based on the LAW OF ATTRACTION, Life's Song is a captivating read filled with romance and drama, but also with life-changing principles. This delightful story follows Rachael's journey as she applies what she is learning. She has discovered a secret that not only brings her incredible joy but opens up an exciting new world-a world where possibilities can become realities through the focus of the mind. As she shares this secret with her co-worker Jenna, a friendship begins to blossom. Rachael helps Jenna to discover that the road from depression to joy doesn't have to be a long one. When she allows herself to dream again, Jenna is amazed at the way her life begins to transform and her dreams are fulfilled.

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