Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Spotlight: Geek to Glory by Laurie Roper

Geek to Glory 
Adventures of Jackson Elderberry Monroe Book 2
by Laurie Roper

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Publication Date: May 29, 2016
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About the book:

Earth is on the brink of being taken over by malicious, alien forces and propelled into a black hole in the center of the Milky Way.  Due to the mentoring of TeTe, a quirky rule-breaking alien from the 6th dimension, Jackson Elderberry Monroe is thrown into very serious, life altering situations.  At 15, he is hand-picked for this particular mission due to acceleration codes in his DNA.  He is a special child known as an indigo and the Guardian groups that are the ‘watchers’ of planet earth understand that his unusual coding is imperative for the success of the mission. But, he needs the required training and who better to do this than the ridiculously implausible alien with a weird sense of humor, a propensity to defy authority, and paradoxically, great wisdom. TeTe won the honor of training Jackson in a cosmic lottery but he is not pleased about having to enter the dark earth density.

Jackson nervously agrees to go into training with his new mentor after a bit of prodding.  It sounds a lot better than being stalked by the school bully and constantly humiliated by his awful sister.  He enters into a life- altering journey that changes him psychologically and spiritually from an immature geek to someone who becomes self-sovereign, and somewhat discerning.  But, there is trouble ahead. He gets a little too cocky about his new skills and takes matters into his own hands. He proceeds alone on an expedition he may never return from.

Jackson is in grave danger as the story begins.   He has hyper-spaced to the moon without the knowledge of his mentors.  The reader doesn’t know if Jackson will survive the oncoming onslaught of an alien race who has tracked him down to a lunar cave he is hiding in.  We see him waiting to meet his death.  

Jackson learns many truths about the history of the planet while interacting with TeTe and the Guardian Collectives.  However, under the guise of fiction, it is up to the reader to discern what is truth and what is fiction.  Links to topics covered and techniques/tools are offered which can help the readers connect to their more creative side and also help them understand some universal laws of how to use consciousness to create personal reality.   Readers are left with a wider perspective of our place in the solar system, the inter-connection of all sentient beings and the idea that all is not what it seems to be in our world.

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