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Book Review: Discover Your Amazing Marriage by Jason and Debbie Coleman

Title: Discover Your Amazing Marriage
Authors: Jason and Debbie Coleman
Paperback: 186 pages
Publisher: Seraphina Press June 2010


★ ★ ★   

My thoughts:

I love books that talk about relationship. I remember when I was in college, me and my friends would go to this small bookstore near our school and browse books about relationship, especially about dating men! It was a topic that we can talk about from our first to last period of the day and it never seems to bore us. So when the authors, Jason and Debbie Coleman asked me to read and review their book, I said yes! I was reminded of my college days, though this time, it's a totally different topic - marriage. Yay how serious. How long have I been married? We're going to celebrate our 6th year anniversary this year! Wow, time flies so fast and now we have 2 kids!

What was so great in this book was that I could relate to almost every topic discussed. The authors wrote their day to day activities which makes the book more interesting and comprehensible to read. Great advice on money matters, sex (aha!) and resolving conflict with your spouse. There is one topic which I agree the most: INFIDELITY! Everyone of us know someone who is getting divorced/annullment because of other reasons, like money, incompatibility, etc... but one that stands out from the rest is INFIDELITY. I agree with what both the authors have to say in this book. That is if you are already married, do NOT allow someone of the opposite gender to be close to you. This is not saying you could not have friends of the opposite gender but the book tells you to be careful in choosing your friends of the opposite gender. Allowing yourself to be close to him/her might invite trouble for your marriage. You might think it's harmless but you'll be surprised to know that one of you or worst, both is/are developing something deeper than mere friendship. If you are already attracted to a friend, please let that friendship go.

I am amazed that the authors didn't have any qualms in writing their family life. Writing a book about your day to day activities/decisions is something I couldn't do. It's like confiding your secrets to the world! The authors chose to divulge theirs with this book and I believe by doing so, they can help married couples stay happy with each other.

I highly recommend this book to all those singles getting married (soon) and even to those married for the first or second time. A great book which could help you have a great life with your spouse.

About the book:

We all long for the thrill experienced during our first kiss or first date. The anticipation, the overwhelming joy, the pure devotion, and the bright hope of a romantic and healthy life together. The passion and fulfillment of new romance is a powerful elixir, only to be enhanced over time . . . or so we all want to believe.

Many couples find that over time the reality of marriage—maybe after having children, moving to a new place, advancing in a career, or experiencing a trauma or loss—becomes a habit or, worse, rote duty.

Authors Debby and Jason Coleman have been there, they have lived through the challenges—even infidelity. And now they are ready to share some of the secrets they found to help reignite the romance, respect, and love in their relationship.

No matter how long you’ve been married, with the timely, honest, and spiritually relevant advice in this book an amazing marriage—one filled with respect, love, passion, and devotion—is within your reach.

In this book you’ll learn how to:

• Communicate from a place of love (including how to
better understand the yin/yang dynamics of women
and men for better communication)
• Gain (and give) greater respect to your partner
• Increase the romance in your marriage
• Experience more fulfilling sex
• Explore the true joy that marriage offers
• Enhance your sacred vows
• Benefit from spiritual guidance
• Live a more fruitful and loving life together with
your partner

Re-ignite the romance, love, and sacred vows in your marriage today!

About the authors:

Jason and and his bride Debby have both been active in the local church for the majority of their marriage, working in various ministries with their main focus working with teens and children. They have been active leaders in the Awana ministry for nineteen years as well as serving on the Awana Ministry Team for the Pacific Northwest. They have led a small group adult Bible study for several years. Jason has also served as an elder-elect and he has coordinated the Outreach Ministry in a local church. They have a heart for missions and have been on several mission trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Jason and Debby have four children, three daughters and a son, ranging in age from nineteen to eleven. They are extremely involved in the lives of their children, as the kids are active in sports, school activities, church youth groups, and much more.

Jason and Debby Coleman celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in September of 2009, and they currently live in Federal Way, Washington. - Amazon

Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the authors, Jason and Debbie Coleman. The review posted above is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Married for 24 years, 25 this September, I don't think I'm doing too badly and especially since I was only 18 when I got married - Husband dearest was 20. If only I'd thought to write such a book.

Bookingly Yours said...

Yay 24 years!! amazing especially you got married at such a young age.. our anniversary is also september ;)

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