Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exclusive Sneak Peak: Vampire Academy Graphic Novel

Yay!  The other day, I wrote about Richelle Mead's deal: writing a short story about Dimitri and Rose. If you are not yet aware of this deal, click HERE. And now, another good news for VA lovers out there! Here is an exclusive sneak peak for the Vampire Academy graphic novel (first book in the Vampire Academy Series). I was having a bad, super bad week when I saw this in my Facebook wall.  I suddenly felt happy! So happy... oh well for a little over 10 minutes. That's because when I finished reading the article, I of course tried to click the link, and ;( I couldn't make it work. Damn internet connection. Wish I could get the same connection like in my mom's place. So imagine my disappointment even after trying for 2-3 hours.  

Anyway, after a week, that's right, a week, I finally can open the link yay! And because I'm too happy to have finally read it, I'm sharing this with you guys. Again, in case you haven't read it. Enjoy!!!!
Vampire Academy Exclusive Preview

Last update I read, Emma Vieceli is now into penciling Frostbite. They say you can't buy happiness. Hmmm but you know what? I can buy happiness. That is because when I buy a VA book, I get "happiness". Oh, looking forward to having this graphic novel... 4 more months!!


F.A.Ellis said...

This looks like a book I can get into.

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