Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guest Author: Ann Stewart and Christopher Burns

The Pink Parasol and The French Confection is a fast paced caper across the continent of Europe.  As our furry heroes track clues and encounter obstacles they couldn’t imagine, you’ll find yourself smiling and laughing and even feel your eyes well up as they form new bonds and rekindle old loves along the way.  This is a loveable and delightful tale that you won’t want to end. As one Amazon reviewer stated “Although I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of things, I didn't want the story to ever end!,”.
Here is a look at The Pink Parasol and The French Confection.
As excitement and the scent of cupcakes filled the air at Genevieve Parfait’s Patisserie, the tiny Parisian rabbit had no idea that baking for the King’s upcoming birthday gala would set off a chain of events that would take her from the Towers of London to the Grand Canal of Venice. When her competitor Jacques, a rat with both a jealous bone and devious mind, steals her sugary masterpiece and plots to keep her as far away from Paris as possible, Genevieve has no time to waste in finding her confection, a tower of irreplaceable cupcakes made of the rarest and most extravagant ingredients. Excitement turns to high anxiety as Genevieve joins forces with the bold and brash Highlander, Collie Duncan MacTartan, a former Scotland Yard detective and his former partner in police work, the proper and particular British Terrier, Finneas Crumpett. As the unlikely threesome follow clues to some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, rookie reporter Sophie Felinee follows their trail bringing international attention to the case and the support of all of Europe. In a race against time, Genevieve and her friends discover much more than cupcakes before the mystery ends in a spectacular and raucous conclusion from high atop the Eiffel Tower.

About the Author
Ann Stewart Burns is a lover of animals, travel and pastries. She resides in a small town in New England with her husband, Christopher and Welsh Corgi, dreaming of more animals, more travel and plenty of pastries.   

While written for children, this book is really for “children” of all ages. It was inspired by our recent trip to Paris and London. We love our book and want to reach as many people as we can to share this wonderful story.

Ann Stewart Burns with husband                                                                                                                      Christopher Burns, Trafalgar Sq.

I loved every single minute of The Pink Parasol and the French Confection. Even the title is perfect. The story was captivating and the animal characters were as imaginative as they were lovable. It was great fun to accompany this troop as they traveled across Europe to solve the mystery of the stolen cupcakes. They learned about the new locations they visited and a little about each other along the way. The inclusion of the journalist in pursuit of their story was just a wonderful addition to an already exciting adventure. I found myself seeking out whatever few minutes I could find to learn what would happen next. They should make a Disney movie out of it. I can just imagine the wonderful stuffed characters that would accompany the marketing of it. I hope we'll see another book from this author soon.” Review by: Sandra Leger Silva

The author maintains a  page at http://facebook.com/pinkparasol  The Pink Parasol and The French Confection is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many online  retail sites.


Christopher Burns said...

Thank you Jenai for hosting a guest author spot for The Pink Parasol and The French Confection We really appreciate it.

Christopher Burns

Keithoska said...

Thank you Jenai for hosting a guest author spot for The Pink Parasol and The French Confection We really appreciate it. Sincerely, Christopher Burns

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