Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF: Happy Friday!!

It's time for Friday Blog Hop! If you want to join the fun, visit Parajunkee's view and Crazy For Books for the linky . . . .

Q. How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

One to two paperback books, depends on my free time. I also listen to an audiobook (right now it's Vampire Academy book 2). It also depends, for romance books, I can read  1-3 books a week.

"What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked?  Which have you disliked?"

Most liked? Oh most loved! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy!! I could not count the number of times I've watched them and I still watch them everytime I have a long holiday especially at Christmas! My all time favorite movie!! And also The Notebook. Loved it sooo muchh!

Hmm disliked ... Twilight Saga. I hate, really REALLY hate Kristen S as Bella!


Jennifer said...

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorites, too. Oh, I just love having an LOTR marathon - especially with the extended editions. That sounds like a perfect Christmas. :D

Christinabean said...

OOOHhhh!!! the Notebook was a great movie. I think they should hav stayed together as a couple in real life. They looked so perfect together! I'm following you back! Thanks for following us at (The Paperback Princesses)

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I've never seen the Lord of the Rings but I never read the books either. That is quite an embarrassing admission.

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