Thursday, October 14, 2010

The End is Near!

The other day (or month) I received this another wonderful great great award from The Crazy Bookworm, it's called the Blog of the Week award. Thanks to you!! Love this!

It was actually awarded to me last September 19. Yikeees! What's wrong with me? It seems that it's really hard to find "free time" nowadays. Working + kids = no "ME" time. I just realized that it's been straight three weeks since the last time I got "ME" time. Where to find this, you tell me pleeazZze! I just hope before this year ends or early December, things at work would be back to normal again.

Oh speaking of December. I read in Richelle Mead's blog that she had an interview with Charlaine Harris. They talked about the upcoming release of Last Sacrifice (CH asked RM if she would resolve the issues of love triangle in VA - aw! The usual, she didn't give any spoiler) and Ms. Harris' plans on doing two more Sookie's. Two more? Right now, I don't have any desire to read Sookie 10 (Dead in the Family). After reading a lot of negative comments/reviews, I guess I'm gonna skip reading it. To watch the interview, click here.

Richelle  Mead's Last Sacrifice is the end of the Vampire Academy series. The release date is 7 December,  THE END IS NEAR! Richelle posted this:

This is the UK cover for VA's last book. What do you think? That's cool but I still like the original cover below.

As for the movie, Pregger Entertainment has not released any more news on this. If VA is really being turned into movies, then I think I can wait, even if it takes years to finish one movie, that's okay with me. I'm just hoping they'd get perfect ones to fit the VA characters, especially Rose and Dimitri.

And speaking of Dimitri, found this wallpaper somewhere - forgot where I got this but I'm sure it's an Australian website. Nice huh?
So, 52 more days before Last Sacrifice! Can't wait!


Phantom Paragrapher said...

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