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Book Review: The Ghost Runner by Blair Richmond

The Ghost Runner 

Author: Blair Richmond
Paperback: 268 pages
Publisher: Ashland Creek Press (October 15, 2012)

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Print Length: 267 pages
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Publisher: Ashland Creek Press (October 9, 2012)
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Note: I received a review copy of this book free from Ashland Creek Press. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My thoughts:

Katherine's life is improving. Months ago, she was homeless, well, after she ran away from home. When she met David and Stacey in Lithia, they gave her life back. It seemed like everything is back to normal, not only she was given basic needs, she's also been given an opportunity to go back in college. However, she misses Stacey so much. She felt "homeless" again after Stacey's death. According to some people in the community, Stacey died in a bear attack. Katherine knows it wasn't a bear but she cannot divulge what she knows because David and the police wouldn't believe her - that a vampire is responsible for Stacey's death. And the worst thing is knowing Stacey was killed by someone special to her.

And Katherine's father is looking for her. She was beyond shocked when her father showed up in her school. That can't happen, his father should have not been able to visit her because the father she knows is dead and Katherine is sure because she's the one who killed him. Who is this man and why is he following Katherine?

The Ghost Runner is the follow-up book to Out of Breath, book 1 to the Lithia Trilogy. This time, the story focuses on Katherine's family. This book has "wowed" me a few times because of the twists. The revelations were kind of surprising for me, except how Katherine's mother died. I knew who killed her mother, actually even before knowing about Stacey's killer.

Katherine.... I really like her but I often get annoyed when she's mad at either Alex or Roman. I think she's changed. In this book, it's like she can't decide what's best for her. I hate it when a character is indecisive, especially with boys. It is alright to feel uncertain at times but throughout the story? Please just choose one! There was one question in the first book that I was looking forward to be answered in the second book. What is Roman's relationship with Stacey and why did he kill her?? I thought there would be an explanation at some point but there was none. I was intrigued because Katherine felt the tension between Stacey and Roman whenever they're close to each other.

Anyway, I enjoyed The Ghost Runner because I see Alex more here. He's such a very charming guy, I love how he takes care of Katherine. He's very gentle, romantic and selfless. If I have to choose between Alex and Roman, it would be Alex. Wish the author would write more about Alex in the next book.

I loved The Ghost Runner as much as I loved the first book, Out of Breath. Can't wait to read book #3!

About the book:

You can't outrun the past...

In The Ghost Runner, Kat is still in Lithia, trying not to see Roman’s face everywhere she looks. It’s not easy, but she tries to move on: She starts taking classes at the local college, keeps up with her job at the running store, and is beginning a relationship with Alex.

Yet Kat’s past is never far behind, and as old ghosts begin to catch up with her, she finds herself fighting to defend the things she believes in, from the hope of a new family to the deeply wooded forests that she has begun to call home. As her relationship with Alex begins to crumble, a new secret from her past emerges, and she is once again torn between those she loves as she struggles to reconcile her dark past with her hopes for a brighter future.

The Ghost Runner, continuing Kat's adventures in Out of Breath, brings us further into the mysterious town of Lithia, where the old traditions of logging and gold mining—and the new traditions of development—collide with conservation. Meanwhile, the spirits of the town keep watch over everything—and occasionally find it necessary to intervene...

The Lithia Trilogy, which blends adventure and the paranormal with environmental awareness and Shakespeare, offers an exciting new series in young adult fiction.

About the author:

Blair Richmond is the pen name of an author from the Pacific Northwest.


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