Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Author: Chris Ossman

Hello Bookingly Yours fans,

My name is Chris Ossman and today I would like to pick your brains to resolve a dilemma I’ve toiled with for more than a year.  It seems that I have published a children’s novel that is written in a different voice than the one I would choose for its sequel.  This first story, which is called Far Beyond was written with very specifics goals in mind.  The first is obviously to entertain the reader and while this can be as difficult of a task as any for an author this is not my primary concern because this is expected of every book written.

The other goal, the one that has me troubled is focusing on the audience that I plan to attract with my story.  If, for example, I want to appeal to adults, I must use words to which adults can relate.  The words I choose do not have to be overly complicated or long, they simply must convey my thoughts and ideas in a manner that speaks to the intended reader.  Now, as for Far Beyond, this story is intended for young children who have a couple of years of reading under their belts, say an eight, nine or ten year old boy or girl.  The words used to weave this story are age appropriate, but might require a Mother or Father’s input occasionally, which is exactly how I intended this reading experience to go.  My hope for this story is that a parent will start reading Far Beyond as a bedtime story, but relinquish this responsibility when the child feels comfortable with their own ability.  Though this is still the goal of book one in the Far Beyond series, it contrasts with the level of maturity required for the pending sequel “The Guardian’s Plight”.

Though the two main characters, Kelcy and Fabian Augustus return in The Guardian’s Plight, this second adventure is turning out to demand more emotional maturity than its predecessor.  The problem for me, as a writer is whether to rewrite Far Beyond to attract the same audience that will be attracted to The Guardian’s Plight or simply hope that Far Beyond fans will grow into the sequel.  In other words, should I update the original to bridge the gap between the two books more easily?  While, I know that I might not find the answer here (who knows), writing this post has helped me frame this question and imagine what readers of Bookingly Yours might say.  I appreciate any comments and if anyone is interested in finding out more about the magical world of Far Beyond, simply visit one of the following links:  ChrisOssman.com; or Far Beyond on Amazon or contact the author at writerchris56@gmail.com.

Author BIO

Chris Ossman has written several scripts in genres varying from Horror and Sci-Fi to Romance and comedy.  He has also adapted some of his own Novels into screenplays.  Though not yet recognized nationally, Mr. Ossman most recent accomplishment was first place in a local writing contest for the South Florida Writer’s Association for his short story “The Profiler”.

Besides writing screenplays and novels for adults, Mr. Ossman has written a Children’s novel called Far Beyond, short children’s books for younger readers and a picture book called Where Do I Belong?:  The Adventures of Tuft

Though educated as an electrical engineer, Mr. Ossman continues to pursue a career in writing and has completed scripts and novels as well as a large cache of story ideas, waiting for development that span a diversity of genres.     


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