Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guest Author: Alfred Taylor

In writing Full Circle: Electronic Afterlife, I asked myself what it would really be like to travel in time. The Star Trek version of time travel seemed to be too unrealistic to me. Most writers skip over the historical and technical aspects of time travel, so I developed a story that employed both the “nuts and bolts” of time travel as well as the historical aspects as well. I spent over a year researching Springfield Illinois of 1842, its citizens, and the town itself to make the novel as historically accurate as possible. Through my research, I was able to develop a clear picture of what American society was like in 19th century Springfield, Illinois.  This gave me the ability to create vivid characters who had ambitions and fears. Conflict is created when a character with 21st century ideals enters this society and brings unexpected change. 

Full Circle: Electronic Afterlife is a novel with fully developed characters, vivid settings, and a character driven plot filled with twists, turns, and surprises.  

Charlene of Literary R&R said:

In reading Full Circle: Electronic Afterlife, I have to admit, it was, at times, over my head as far as "techy" stuff goes. I was a bit confused in a few places and had to re-read a portion or so, especially in the first couple chapters. After all the "ground work" was complete, though, it became quite an enjoyable story, as it wound future technology with well-known historical figures in a new and exciting way. I especially enjoyed the author's view of Mary Todd, and how Mark struggled with his human memories while living an android's life.

Glimpses of our country's past, and how far technology has advanced, makes this novel even more engrossing, as everyone, I believe, has wondered how far advances should safely go.

I anticipate Mr. Taylor's insights as he continues this series, and look forward to more adventures with Mark Aaron. This series would appeal to teen or adult, especially those with "techy" interests. Full Circle: Electronic Afterlife is a very well developed storyline that entertains and educates.

4 out of 5 stars.

Full Circle: Electronic Afterlife is available at (PaperbackKindle Edition), and other online booksellers.

For more adventures with Mark Aaron, read Druid Dreams and Other Stories, which is also available at, other online booksellers, and the Kindle. Buy the book that The Midwest Book Review calls “a fine pick for those seeking an unusual assortment of short fiction, very much recommended.”

About the author:

Alfred R. Taylor lives in Central Florida with his wife and two children. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with his B.A. in creative writing in 1996 and his M.A. in creative writing in 1999. He taught English composition for eleven years, and he still likes to write when he can find the time. He won author of the month in January of 1991 for his short story "300 Oranges" in Highlights for Children.


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