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An amazing book, wherein an ancient dwarf sheds a revolutionary new light on our history & future
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Written by an ancient dwarf.
Edited by Jos Rogiers.
Published by Create Space, December 28, 2012.
Viii and 247 pages, twelve maps.


More than 3,200 years ago, a learned dwarf was pricked with the Sleeping Thorn and fell into a deep slumber in a secret cave somewhere on Earth. When he finally awoke, towards the end of 2009 or in the early part of 2010, he started to carry out the task he was charged with by his king: to reveal the truth about a hidden chapter of our past, that misunderstood period of our history when the so-called “gods” held sway over the world. He wrote an amazing book about this subject, a book that throws a completely new light on world history and human existence: Message from a Hidden Past.

According to the author, the gods were neither supernatural beings nor products of the human imagination, let alone extraterrestrials. He describes them as hominids of flesh and blood, belonging to the further evolved species of Homo supersapiens. They were smarter, taller, and much more beautiful than humans. They were the true founders of civilization. The book explains their origins, describes their culture, and pictures the land in which they lived. Most revealing, it relates how the gods became involved with humans and the disastrous consequences of that fateful interaction.  

The dwarf recounts the story of a great world war that took place at the end of the Bronze Age and of an epic calamity that finally extinguished the Era of the Gods. Despite their physical destruction, the lore and images of the gods lived on in human poetry, song, and myth. The book’s last chapters deal with what remains of them today, and discuss ancient prophecies that foretell their return at an uncertain date in the future.  

About the author

The only things that are known about the author of Message from a Hidden Past is that he was a learned dwarf who lived at the end of the Bronze Age, that he was the best historian of his generation, and that he was a bachelor. His king sent him on a special mission, of which this book is the result. No more information is available



Chapter 1/THE SLEEPING THORN - How the king of the dwarfs saddled me with a hair-raising mission

Chapter 2/AWAKENING – How I awoke, after more than 3,200 years, in a world beyond recognition

Chapter 3/“HOMO SUPERSAPIENS” – In this chapter, I explain that the gods were nothing more than further evolved hominids

Chapter 4/MOTHER EARTH’S FINEST – Wherein I describe what Homo supersapiens looked like

Chapter 5/HOW THEY WERE FASCINATED BY THE STARS – And some puzzling elements of their worldview

Chapter 6/THE PENINSULA OF KER – In which I give a guided tour of the Land of the Gods

Chapter 7/THE CAPITAL OF KER – Wherein I admire the wonders of the oldest and most fantastic town ever

Chapter 8/MEETING THE NEPHEWS – How Homo supersapiens committed his first great error

Chapter 9/“THE NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION” – How Supersapiens brought humans the light of civilization

Chapter 10/VESTIGES OF THE EMPIRE OF THE GODS – How humans manage to ignore them

Chapter 11/ATLANTIS – In which I give an overview of the emperor’s gigantic personal dominion

Chapter 12/THE COLONY ON THE SAINT LAWRENCE – How humans neglect the evidence that America was discovered in the Era of the Gods

Chapter 13/MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT THE GODS – Wherein I explain how these fantasies arose

Chapter 14/OPENING THE GATES – How Homo supersapiens committed his second and fatal error

Chapter 15/THE AMAZONS – In which I relate how they came into being

Chapter 16/TOWARD WORLD WAR – Wherein I describe how the conflict arose

Chapter 17/THE EMPEROR INTO THE OFFENSIVE – How the armies of Atlantis invaded the Mediterranean

Chapter 18/COUNTERATTACK OF THE GREEKS – In which I describe how Dionysus defeated the Indians

Chapter 19/VICTORY OF HERACLES – A sad chapter, wherein I relate how the Greeks conquered Atlantis

Chapter 20/THE BATTLE OF TROY – How the demigods took up arms for the last time

Chapter 21/DOOMSDAY – How a comet collided into the Earth and how Ker sank into the ocean

Chapter 22/THE CANARY ISLES – In which I try to find out what happened on the remains of Ker

Chapter 23/THE AGE OF HUMANS – How the last traces of Homo supersapiens are vanishing from the Earth

Chapter 24/RETURN OF THE GODS – Wherein I dwell on the coming of the new Golden Age, and take leave of the reader



How the king of the dwarfs saddled me with a hair-raising mission

I will not disclose you my name, and neither will I reveal you my whereabouts. Suffice it to say that I am a dwarf, the last and only one left on this planet Earth. 

Let me tell you my story.

I was born about three thousand and five hundred years ago. In that time, the gods still lived on Earth, ruling over dwarfs and humans. From childhood on, I took an enthusiastic interest in the past. My parents offered me all the opportunities to follow this vocation. With all the zeal and dedication that we, dwarfs, can work up, I applied myself to the study of history. Since dwarfs can grow very old, up to three hundred and fifty years in many cases, my long life offered me plenty of time to acquire a profound knowledge of the past. In this way, I slowly but steadily became one of the main authorities in the field of history. Eventually, I became the celebrated Number One historian of the dwarfs. 

Being small in stature, we, dwarfs, are modest by nature. Therefore, the status of being the best historian of all did not make me overconfident, let alone arrogant, but I acknowledge that it made me feel contented. Life was smiling at me. In this way, my years passed in peace and quiet. Only one single incident occurred to disturb my perfect little existence. I still remember it as if it had happened yesterday. At a family party, when I was still young, a wise, white-bearded old dwarf, a great-granduncle of mine, told me that my interest in history would one day prove to be a less lucky vocation than I thought. He raised a finger in warning while he told me this, and looked serious, which was something exceptional, since he normally used to smile all the time. At that moment, I did not understand what my great-granduncle meant to say. I was puzzled, but I did not worry about his comments too much. How on earth could studying history bring bad luck? Nevertheless, I never forgot that remark. After all, I knew all too well that wise, white-bearded old dwarfs do not tend to talk nonsense. It was good that I took notice of his warning. In this way, I was, at least, not completely unprepared for what awaited me many years later.

In my days, the gods had been living on Earth for many thousands of years. I do not know exactly for how many millennia they had existed. The first millennia of their era, the Era of the Gods, were called “the Golden Age.” Then, gods and dwarfs lived in a paradise. Everybody was happy and joyful. Even nature seemed to cooperate, because in those times the climate was much better than it would become later. Both in the literal and figurative sense, the sun shone over the Golden Age. 

After the Golden Age came the somewhat less happy Age of Silver, which was followed by the Age of Bronze, the last age of the Era of the Gods. 

It was then that I lived, in the last centuries of the Age of Bronze. Much happiness remained to be found, but degeneration and warfare had crept in to an ever-increasing extent. Gone was the golden paradise of yore. The world of the gods was going downhill. We, learned dwarfs, knew vaguely of certain prophecies which foretold that the end was nearing, that all gods and dwarfs would soon disappear from the Earth and go to the Hereafter. A new age would come. This new age we called “the Iron Age,” an age in which humans would rule this planet. Then, the world would become a kind of hell. All this made us sad, but we could do nothing about it. Destiny had ordained it that way.

However, we had something to comfort us. Another prophecy foretold that, one day in the future, the Iron Age too would come to an end and a new Golden Age would come to light. Then, the souls of the gods would reincarnate on Earth to rule again and create a new paradise. The dwarfs, too, would return to live in this new Golden Age. In this way, at least, we had something for which to yearn.

One day, rumors began to circulate that a major event had taken place, somewhere far away, and that our Doomsday was now fast approaching. Only, at that point of time nobody knew yet what exactly had happened. 

Shortly afterwards, the king of the dwarfs suddenly convened all his savants into his palace for an extraordinary meeting. Everybody openly wondered what this could mean. All the learned men of the dwarfs hurried to our king’s palace, anxious to hear what His Majesty
had to say. Since many of the invitees were at an advanced age, it took some time before everybody was present. 

When all the guests had finally arrived and the assembly could begin, our beloved monarch rose from his golden throne. Flanked by the queen and his counselors, his bejeweled crown on his head and his golden scepter in his hand, he addressed us as follows, looking grave and solemn:
“Learned men of the dwarfs, be welcome! I have called you together here for an extremely important meeting.”

Here, the king politely paused for a few moments, to give some of the older savants in the hall the time to clear their throats. Then, he went on:
“You have heard that far away from here a terrible event has taken place, the very event that, as some of us know, heralds our Doomsday. Now, at last, the die is cast. Inescapable fate has run its course, and our days are almost numbered. Already, the Iron Age is showing its dreadful beginnings. Soon, a few decades from now, neither we nor the gods will dwell in this beautiful world any longer, in this world that was once such a magnificent, golden paradise. We will remain, for many millennia to come, in the Hereafter, until the day arrives when we finally will be allowed to return and live in the new Golden Age.”

At this point of our ruler’s speech, many dwarfs tried, in vain, to hold back their tears. It was a sorry sight. The king proceeded:
“However, one last noble task remains to be executed. The three fate goddesses have ordered me to ask one of you to carry out an important mission. And an important mission it looks like indeed!”

The audience now stood on tiptoe. Every dwarf in attendance held his breath. One could almost hear a needle fall.
“You are aware that humans will soon be the masters of the world. Knowing how they are, you realize that they will inevitably mess up the history of the Era of the Gods. Eventually, they will even smuggle away this chapter of world history, our chapter, as if it had never happened. I am confident that none of you have any illusions about that.”

A murmur of approval arose at these words, after which His Majesty went on:
“Therefore, one of us, a brave volunteer, must unveil to the world the historical truth about the Era of the Gods. This act must be undertaken when the ordained time for it has come. That destined moment will finally arrive when more than three thousand and two hundred years have passed from now. Why this must happen exactly then, I do not know, for I have not been entrusted with this bit of information.”

The king again paused for a short while, giving his surprised audience the time to absorb his words. Then, he continued:
“You know all too well, dear savants, that we have the means to execute this task. We will put to sleep our brave volunteer with the Sleeping Thorn, and hide him in one of our secret caves, where humans cannot possibly find him. When the day has come for his mission to begin, he will finally awaken.”

At these words, everybody became nervous. Understandably, not one of the king’s guests was anxious to remain asleep for so long a time, and, on top of that, to wake up in a world where he would be deprived of the company of his fellow dwarfs, and left all alone amidst a mass of humans.

Our sovereign went on, now focusing his attention on the volunteer he sought. With ears cocked and with bated breath, his audience listened:
“Not everybody in this hall is fit for this kind of mission. Such a sacred task requires not only a person of great courage and stamina. Above all, I need somebody who can carry out this formidable assignment in an appropriate way. In other words, I need a historian, a dwarf who has a profound knowledge of the history of our era.”

Hearing this, I suddenly felt as if I was turning into stone. For some moments I was completely stupefied. When I came back to my senses, I noticed that nearly every dwarf in the hall had begun to gaze upon me out of the corner of his eye. Only the king had the courtesy not to look at me.

After a short, unpleasant pause, our monarch continued:
“In fact, my dear savants, what I need is the person who can execute this mission in the best possible way. What I need is the very best historian we, dwarfs, have available.”

This time, the king did look at me.

It is not difficult to guess the outcome of this story. I volunteered, more or less of my own free will. I swallowed hard, and then I answered the king, trying to sound firm and to preserve a smooth face: 
“Mission accepted, Your Majesty!”


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