Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book on Sale for $0.99: Until September by Andrea Smith

Until September
by Andrea Smith

About the book:

Take the New Adult Romance journey of 18 year-old September Dawson.

When her mother deserted her and her younger half-sister, Scout, five years earlier, September was sent to live with her grandparents in Mississippi. Five years and no one has heard from her mother.

So when September is asked to spend the summer in Arkansas to watch over Scout, she can hardly refuse. She hasn't seen Scout in awhile, and she can certainly use the money for college.

She meets a young man while there, and though he tries to strike up a relationship with the beautiful September, she is drawn to someone else. Someone older. A most unlikely match but the chemistry can't be denied. At summer's end, September has no desire to return home. Soon after, they all receive some devastating news that threatens to change everything.

Adult Content : 18+

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