Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Recommended Read: Enemy Through The Gates by D.T. Dyllin

Enemy Through The Gates 
by D.T. Dyllin

Amazon Ratings: 5-star 89%

About the book:

P. J. Stone, like most eighteen-year-old girls, is a little boy crazy and somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect boyfriend. Some days she feels like she might be the last remaining virgin in her entire high school, and maybe even the entire tri-state area.

After a traumatic night at a friend’s party, P. J. realizes what she truly wants has been right under her nose all along. Bryn O’Bannon, her best friend and partner in crime since age five, is head over heels in love with her, and she feels the same about him.

But P. J.’s life isn’t that simple. She’s a member of a separate society that exists secretly among the rest of the world; the society raises gifted individuals to protect the world from interdimensional interlopers, and P. J. was taught to put duty before her heart. She is expected to choose a suitable mate in order to perpetuate the Seer line. Unfortunately, Bryn is a Guardian and is forbidden to date—let alone mate with—a Seer such as herself.

As if figuring out her love life isn’t complicated enough, P. J. begins having visions of a threat to her world only she is able to perceive. Now, she must concoct and execute a plan to avert world disaster while at the same time avoiding the dissolution of her love life.

Book Review originally posted in February 2012

This is the first book to the P.J. Stone series, a very good story about dragons... aliens, and mixed with a very intense romance! I liked the main characters, P.J. and Bryn. They've been best of friends since five, they care about each other but the  platonic love they shared over the years has grown into romantic love. I enjoy reading stories about best-friends turned lovers. I can totally relate to the situation, and so I had a good time reading the book. However, P.J. cannot date or be in love with Bryn. According to their laws, a seer (P.J.) cannot be mated to a guardian (Bryn). What would you do if you find out you are in love with your best friend but cannot be with him? 

I am not a fan of science fiction genre, I rarely enjoy books with futuristic story lines but I was surprised I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the author's writing style. She wove a story of aliens and dragons believable to the readers. 

While I enjoyed most part of the book, I was a little annoyed with the men in the story. I hate it when two (or more) guys fall MADLY in love with the main character. In this book, however, there is a reason why all men are attracted to P.J. That's one of the interesting twists in the story. Enemy Through The Gates is a great book, full of emotions! I am interested to read more about this series!

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