Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recommended Read: Morton's Fork by Dale Coy, M.D.

Morton's Fork 
by Dale Coy, M.D.

Amazon Ratings: 5-star 70%

About the book:


ROGER HARTLEY is a dedicated old-school physician who prides himself on knowing his patients by name and promptly returning their calls. But squeezed by the new economics of health care, his tidy world begins to unravel when an uninsured patient slaps him with a frivolous lawsuit. 

At the mercy of an unjust legal system, Hartley reaches his breaking point and commits a rash act that unexpectedly thrusts him into the center of a hot-button political issue. Chaos ensues as the worlds of law and medicine collide. The original malpractice lawsuit becomes the least of Hartley’s troubles. 

Morton’s Fork is a thought-provoking social commentary that provides unique insight into the heart and soul of a doctor. Coy, with twenty years of experience as an internist, leaves the reader with a greater understanding of tort reform and the issues that derail our health care system.

Book Review (originally posted in February 2013)

Dr. Roger Hartley is an old-school doctor. He believes that patients should get the very best medical care regardless of the patient's status in life. With or without money, even the most difficult patient, Dr. Hartley will never hesitate to see them. When he got sued by one of his many uninsured patients, he began to doubt everything that he believes in.

Morton's Fork was an easy read. The pace of the story flows just right. The story provided me greater understanding of the relationship between medical doctors and the insurance companies, and some other things about the medical care system. I can feel the building tension right from the start and throughout the story, the tension was there. Morton's Fork has too many interesting facts about the medical and legal profession, like how doctors and lawyers deal with their professional and personal problems. The story is relatable, sometimes it was almost depressing to read, especially the part when the lawsuit becomes a national issue. I believe this is a must read story, you should pick-up this book.

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