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Book Spotlight with Excerpt + Trailer : Shapes of Autumn Series by Veronica Blade

Shapes of Autumn Series 
by Veronica Blade

My Wolf’s Bane (Book #1)


Caught in a centuries old battle between her kind and werewolves, a teenage multi-shifter risks revealing herself when she chooses to fight for the boy she loves — her only ally but natural enemy, a werewolf.

Autumn’s strengths as a mere shape shifter mean little against her boyfriend-turned-werewolf ex. As if the lying cheat wasn't menacing enough as a human. The new boy at school, Zack de Luca, rushes to her defense and Autumn winds up trapped somewhere between normal teenage life and an inter-species battle. But she has no intention of letting a little thing like potential death come between her and Zack, the werewolf boy she loves.


The smell of unwashed wolf closed in on me, fur tickling my skin and fetid breath in my face. I trembled, hot tears burning my eyes. The wolf snarled and I scrambled back as he leapt toward me.
 “Autumn. Autumn, wake up.” Zack pulled me off the pillow by my shoulders.
I lifted my head and rubbed my eyes, trying to wipe away the mental fuzz. But I was aware enough to notice my comforter wasn’t anywhere near us, certainly not separating me from him. I must have kicked it off during my nightmare. 
“Are you okay?” Zack was sitting directly in front of me, his thighs straddling mine, heat from his bare skin radiating through me.
I nodded.
He exhaled in relief and leaned back to sit on his heels. “Heard you scream and I ran up here.  Been calling your name over and over, but you wouldn’t wake up. Scared me for a minute there.”
I’d been having that same dream where I was being chased. “I was running from wolves.”
He brushed a finger down my cheek. “It was just a dream.”
“More like a nightmare,” I whispered, my gaze locking onto his. He wore nothing but a pair of boxers. As my ragged breath slowed, I realized the only other thing between us was my threadbare tank top and skimpy panties.
“Autumn.” His breathing quickened and he growled so low it sounded like a purr. Then he tilted my face to meet his and drew closer until I felt his breath on my skin. “You’re too beautiful.”
I wanted to scream for Zack to kiss me, but I held my breath, afraid if I said anything or moved, he’d go away again. When I met his gaze, every nerve in my body came alive. Slowly, he moved toward me, then his lips brushed mine and lingered for a brief moment. He drew back just a hair and gazed into my eyes as an almost inaudible moan escaped him.
Then his mouth was on mine.
My lips parted and when our tongues tangled, I savored the taste of him and his sweet, earthy scent. Way better than anything I’d ever imagined. I felt his hands at my sides, his fingers splayed at my waist and his thumbs just under my ribs. Our lips separated and his gentle pressure eased me backward until my head rested against the pillow. The mattress gradually took his weight as he lay over me.
Heat seared through my limbs.

Wolves at the Door (Book #2)


Autumn’s just learned she’s a shape-shifter — something her parents should’ve told her long ago. Unless they adopted her and didn’t know she wasn’t human. Either way, learning the truth has the same outcome: her parents lied. Zack is the only one she can count on, but he’s a werewolf and the king’s decree forbids contact between the species, let alone love. Zack’s planning to leave after graduation, but letting him go isn’t an option. He’s becoming more a part of her every day, a part she would fight for, give up everything for — even kill for. If she’s not killed first. 

If Zack’s experience with his own kind has taught him anything, it’s that werewolves can’t be trusted. He’d rather die free than live in a pack under the rule of the werewolf king. So, instead of preparing for college like any other senior, he’s planning to go on the run after graduation. Escaping won’t be easy with the werewolves guarding him. But until that day comes, Zack knows he’s endangering Autumn every moment he’s around her. If it’s this difficult staying away from her now, how hard will it be to leave her behind in just a few weeks? 


I scooted onto the stool next to Zack. Through my curtain of dark brown hair, I snuck a peek past the wide window at the pale werewolf. He was tall for a guy, and looked like he could be in his early thirties. He wore faded jeans and a dock-striped blue and gray short-sleeved shirt. His clothes may have been considered casual-wear, but they screamed money. And his hair was just a bit shaggy, yet he looked like he’d just stepped out of a magazine.
He seemed familiar, yet I knew I’d never seen him before.
I couldn’t totally tell in the dim patio lighting, but something was up with his skin. The texture seemed off, like tiny little bumps puckering the surface. Scars maybe?
As he took a sip from his cup, he glanced my way and I recognized those gray eyes.
We should’ve left like I’d wanted to. On the upside, at least he was the same werewolf I’d just seen in the woods and not yet another new one. But that gave me little comfort since his mere presence made my muscles go rigid.
You need to chill, he told me silently. Or you’ll give yourself away.
I tried to ease the tension in my shoulders to no avail. Instead, I eyed the man again on the sly without turning my head. He was the one in the woods tonight.
Are you sure? Zack frowned as Trevor and Maya approached.
Same eyes. Positive. 

Dead Wolf Walking (Book #3)

Release date: 15 January 2016


Third installment of the Shapes of Autumn series. 

When a tragic death triggers Autumn and Zack’s worst fear—pursuit by dangerous werewolves—they escape to a safe house. But within the walls of the refuge, an even greater menace looms. Now under the reluctant protection of a vampire king, Autumn and Zack are targeted by a palace full of vamps out for revenge against vampire-killing werewolves. 

After the vampire king discovers a rebel plot to overthrow him, Zack and Autumn are forced to remain in the palace as bait to draw out the enemy. But can the king shield them from so many who want them dead? They have only days to root out the traitors before Autumn’s parents arrive to claim her—not to mention it’s illegal to mix species—which gives them little hope of a future together. But with werewolves hunting them and vampire rebels out for their blood, Zack and Autumn need each other more than ever. Each secretly dreams of finding a way to be together—if they can stay alive. 

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