Thursday, June 16, 2016

Free Kindle Download (Suspense): The Other Traitor by Sharon Potts

The Other Traitor
by Sharon Potts

About the book:

It’s been over sixty years, but three people remain haunted by what he did.

Was it treason…or something far worse?

Raised with shame and silence, Annette Revoir refuses to confront her terrible legacy—her grandfather’s execution as an atomic bomb spy in the 1950s. But when she finds an old family photo album that reveals a very different portrait of her grandfather, her instincts as a journalist take over. Her inquiries put her on a collision course with a young man and his grandmother, but Annette is prepared to go to any lengths to prove her disgraced grandfather’s innocence.

Everything in Julian Sandman’s life is wrong—his unrewarding career at a big drug company, his expensive Manhattan apartment, and his self-indulgent girlfriend. The worst part of living a lie is the one he’s been telling himself. Julian is ready to defy the demons of his family’s past… Perhaps he should have first considered the cost.

Mariasha Lowe’s childhood growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression is safely preserved in her strange metal sculptures. Today, people might say she was ‘a red-diaper baby’ but they’d be mistaken about her brushes with communism. And with Yitzy. Mariasha is ninety-five, but she’s never forgotten him. Is it finally time to face her past so she can make a future for Annette and Julian? Or will she take her secrets to the grave?

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