Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Free Kindle Download: Wasted Love Boxed Set: Second Chance Romance by Colleen Charles

Wasted Love Boxed Set:
Second Chance Romance Parts 1-3
by Colleen Charles

About the book:

He’s the one I can’t forget. She’s the one I let get away.
But sometimes life gives second chances.


I can’t forget Quinn. The dreamy athlete who took my v-card and my heart. My brother’s best friend. Then he left. Like that. It’s been years. And I haven’t seen him since.
Until now.


I can’t forget Ashton. My first and only love. Fate turned into an ugly dance partner and tore us apart. And I’m determined to get her back. It’s been years. I haven’t been able to get her to even look at me.
Until now.

And I’ll make it right.

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