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Recommended Read: Secrets of the Porch by Sue Ann Sellon

Secrets of the Porch
by Sue Ann Sellon

Amazon 5-star Ratings: 54%

About the book:

How long can a person hold their secret safe? The agony alone is unbearable. This porch has a story, a life. It breathes with memories of love and secrets. 

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Mae Randolph, caught robbing a gas station with her boyfriend Gabe, avoids the juvenile detention center by accepting the Judge's alternative: that she spend a year on a Nebraska farm with her grandmother, Lila, whom she has never met. None too happy at first, Sophie eventually settles into farm life and opens up to the love of her grandmother, a dog named Hunner, and a new boyfriend named Blake. 

Along the way, Sophie realizes that not only does she have her secrets, but Lila does too. 

When Gabe reappears, Sophie's very life may be in danger. Will Sophie and her grandma share their deepest secrets, or will they hide in the shells they've created for so many year? Discover the transforming power of love and the Secrets of the Porch

Book Review originally posted in April 2015

When Sophie lost her mother, the only one who has shown her real love, she felt God has forsaken her. She questioned HIM for almost every bad thing that comes her way. She became cynical, believing the only way to survive is to be dishonest and selfish. Her boyfriend Gabe, proves this to be a great 'life strategy'. By doing this, he has managed to survive on the street for years. 

One night, Sophie and Gabe were caught robbing a gas station. Gabe was sent to prison while Sophie, as she's a minor, was given a choice to either enter the juvenile detention or live with her grandmother, return to school, and all other conditions which should be met within a year. The latter sounds like a good choice, but thinking about her mom's past, Lila and her husband must have done something wicked that her mother decided to leave them for good, so it couldn't be that good.

After considering her two choices, she decided to try the second one: live with Lila in Nebraska but she will definitely go back to the city once the 'punishment' is completed.

The author wrote a very good, compelling story. Secrets of the Porch has it all; family, maternal affection, friendship, romance, faith, etc. I was intrigued by the secrets ...Why did Sophie's mother left her parents? Why didn't Lila looked for her daughter? Who is Charles?  Once you open the first page, you will feel the need to keep on reading. The 'secrets' were carefully woven, they managed to keep the story interesting until the last pages of the book. These secrets also gave me a wave of emotions I cannot adequately explain, couldn't count the number of times I had to pause reading as my tears kept on falling. 

There are few references to God and faith so I would also label this as a Christian book, though not a hard-core one. This is certainly a very good book I want to recommend to my dear readers. And I thank the author for sharing this book with me, looking forward to reading more from you!

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