Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Kindle Download: The Wary Traveler by M. C. Dulac

The Wary Traveler
by M. C. Dulac

About the book:

A young American’s desire to get off the beaten track, leads him deep into the mountains, where a summertime festival, ancient legends and charismatic strangers guide him to a strange destiny

All his life, college student Jim has wanted to travel and explore. But when Jim arrives in the European alps, all he finds is bars, noise and tourist crowds. By chance, he meets Gunther, a local with an intriguing story about a mountain town way off the tourist trail. There’s a festival there that very night.

Jim joins Gunther on the mountain train. The festival, as Gunther explains, is to protect against the winter spirits, who in olden times were believed to venture into the valleys on the summer solstice to lure away unwary travelers.

The alpine town appears perfect, but is all what it seems? Why is the town so obsessed by the ancient legends? Who exactly are Gunther and his mysterious, beautiful friends?

Nevertheless, when Gunther offers to take Jim further into the wilderness, Jim cannot resist. But as Jim walks on through the alpine meadows and wild forests, the line between reality and legend begins to blur. As Jim’s wanderlust pulls him toward the icy caves, should he turn back? Or are his fears all in his imagination? Or is he about to discover what he has always been seeking?

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