Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Author: Laura Gallier

Hi guys!  Laura Gallier here. Thanks for including me in your online community.

If you would have told me one year ago I’d be releasing a fiction, I would have laughed.  I’m the epitome of a non-fiction writer—or so I thought. I was getting ready to write another non-fiction book when a seemingly preposterous idea hit me: you know, this concept would translate into a thrilling fictitious storyline. 

After several days of wrestling with the idea, the plot developed in my mind to the point that I had to begin writing. And that’s when my love affair with fiction began. What a blast!

After a professional review, a series of heavy edits, and hours upon hours of re-reads and tweaks, The Delusion was ready just in time—the week of Halloween. This holiday presents an ideal opportunity to ask a highly debated question.

Do spiritual forces of evil actually exist, or is such thinking delusional? 

According to Barna’s research, even churchgoers are divided on the issue, with a slight majority concluding that satanic powers and demons are mere spiritual symbols as opposed to active unseen forces at work in and among humanity. No matter which side of the fence we personally occupy, one thing is certain: as it pertains to believers and skeptics, logic demands that one group is enlightened and the other, deceived. 

And therein lies a real life dilemma, one that confronts my protagonist Owen Edmonds . . . 

When Owen begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations, he struggles to keep it together while frantically searching for a cure. His mission to reclaim his sanity takes a devastating turn for the worse, however, when his delusions become even more shocking and sinister.

Owen’s relentless quest for logical answers leads him to a mind-bending conclusion—he’s not merely imagining forces of evil at work. Everyone else is blind to the evil that is. 

He has to warn others—to find a way to rescue them—despite their disbelief.

Experience life through Owen Edmonds’ eyes and decide for yourself: Is he deceived or are we?

Watch the book trailer video at www.thedelusionbook.com.

The Delusion
by Laura Gallier

Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Housetop Publishers (October 29, 2012)
Amazon Link

Kindle EditionFile Size: 506 KB
Print Length: 360 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Housetop Publishers (October 27, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

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About the Author

Author and speaker Laura Gallier delights in writing books that inspire readers to consider the spiritual realities of good and evil. This is her first fiction work, making The Delusion her debut novel. Laura and her husband Patrick have a busy home life in Cyprus, Texas, with their four children.


Nancy Madore said...

I love the idea and how you came by it. Good luck with the book!


Nancy Madore said...

Wow. The video was great! That guy was perfect.

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